Matthew Ruffell

Also known as CaptianYipe in some circles. Yes, it is a reference from the old Quest of Yipe! games on Macintosh.

I have been using computers for as long as I can remember, and I have a strong interest in understanding how things work from a technical standpoint. Its what drives me to like low level languages, like C and assembly, and makes me interested in reverse engineering.

This is my personal blog where I write about things that interest me. I hope it interests you too.

Contact Me

You can email me at [email protected] and, if you need it, here is PGP public key with fingerprint 1CBA CD79 D8CF F1A3 D005 1C9A DC48 9D9A 68C5 DFF5.

CV / Resume

If you are interested in my achievements, then have a look at my CV.


I am vegetarian since mid 2017, and I am currently striving to go vegan in the near future. I came to the uncomfortable realisation that it is wrong to farm animals and treat them the way we do, all for something as trivial as a daily meal. Humans can easily and comfortably persist on plant based diets, and we will have to if we want this planet to have a future.

Maybe you should also consider your diet, and if you need to slaughter animals just to eat a snack.

This is a pretty good video and raises some excellent arguments, while being entertaining to watch:

Being Green

While I do live in New Zealand, which is more or less “clean and green”, I am well aware that humans are polluting the world at an alarming rate, especially with easy access to plastic and its friends. We all need to lower our consumption and attempt to go “zero waste”. This is pretty important for humans to survive.

This video is also excellent, and is well worth a watch: