This page is a collection of my favourite books, essays and resources. If you are looking to get started in a field, these are what I recommend.

Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis

Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis is one hard field to get in to. Some Universities offer courses about these topics, but for most it is a self learned topic.

I own a copy of all of these books, and recommend them:


Hacker Zines

If you are looking for a hacker zine to read, then my first recommendation is the excellent PoC||GTFO. Every time I sit down to read the latest issue, my mind gets blown. The creativity displayed by some of the authors is absolutely wild. It doesn’t matter what skills you have, everyone will learn something from this zine.

If you want to read hacker zines of the past, then these collective archives have everything you need:

If you are looking for a real life hacker thriller, then “Underground” is the book to read.

Finance and Investing

Finance and Investing is another hard field to get into and to understand, and there are plenty of books out there that are fluff or are completely wrong.

The best resource I have come across so far is “If You Can”, a primer for Millennials.

Read that PDF several times over. It has all the answers you will ever need, and William Bernstein asks the reader to read several more books. Ensure that you do.

They are listed below:

Life - Intention and Action

Sometimes we get stuck in life and need a reminder that we need to keep pushing forward. I have a bad habit of getting “stuck” and these articles help with taking action, and establishing direction.

On Intention and Action:

Jordan Peterson has some fantastic philosophical viewpoints, and there are some excellent short videos taken from his lectures, and I highly recommend giving them a watch.

Paul Graham writes some incredible essays on life experiences and entrepreneurship, and I recommend reading all of them.

My absolute favourites are: